Bore Cleaning

North Queensland bore cleaning services


Fox Drilling & Construction provides complete bore cleaning services in Kelso Townsville and surrounding North Queensland communities. Whether we drilled a water bore on your property, or another company handled the installation, our experts can clean and repair any issues with your bore.
Boring Water — Bore Cleaning in Kelso Townsville, QLD

Boring Water

There are two options for obtaining water from an underground source—drilling or boring. Water bores are typically shallower than drilled wells.

When our crew sets up a water bore on your property, we attach all the relevant filtration systems to ensure the resulting water is safe for irrigation and consumption. To find out more about the process, get in touch with our team.

Water Bore Cleaning & Maintenance

If you have a bore on your property, it is likely to suffer from issues over time if it doesn’t receive proper cleaning or maintenance. One of the most common problems we see arises from the ground surrounding the water-bearing zones. The dirt deposits down the bottom of the borehole, which blocks some of the casing and does not allow as much water to flow through.

The type of cleaning and maintenance your boredhole may require will depend on a few factors. The biggest dependent factor is the quality of the initial installation. While Fox Drilling uses state-of-the-art equipment and advanced techniques for water boring, another installer may not have done such a stellar job. You may require significant maintenance to get the best performance out of your water borehole.

Water Bore Cleaning and Maintenance — Bore Cleaning in Kelso Townsville, QLD
Our team cleans out any dirt or debris that may have built up in the system, ensuring that it can handle the same volume as before. We also conduct relevant tests to ensure the filtration system is functioning as intended. Contact Fox Drilling in Kelso Townsville for water bore and well cleaning services in North Queensland.