Monitoring Bores

Bore monitoring service in North Queensland


Fox Drilling & Construction has two decades of experience in the installation and maintenance of groundwater monitoring bores in North Queensland. We provide services from our Kelso Townsville location, with the team travelling to your site to provide efficient and comprehensive services.
Groundwater Monitoring Bores — Monitoring Bores in Kelso Townsville, QLD

Groundwater Monitoring Bores

What is a groundwater monitoring bore? It is a bored water well that exists to determine the nature and property of soil that comes into contact with the water. Monitoring bores also helps provide access to groundwater for level, physical and chemical measurements. Landowners can take out groundwater samples from the monitoring bore and send them to a laboratory for detailed analysis.

Monitoring bores may be necessary on your agricultural, industrial or commercial land to assess any possible changes to the water table levels. If you are relying on a groundwater source for irrigation, livestock, farm animals or indoor use, monitoring bores makes consistent analysis easier.

Groundwater can suffer from contaminated water moving into the water supply, surface pollutants being leeched, waste disposal leaks and more. Such problems can cause minimal or significant disruption to a groundwater supply, which is why monitoring bores is so handy.

Fox Drilling Monitoring Bore Installations

Given our experience and available tools, we are ready to help you establish a monitoring bore on your property. If we already serviced your property for a water well or bore, our team will come back to find the ideal location for a monitoring bore. Even if we did not do previous work on your property, we are happy to help with such a project.

Our team knows the requirements for monitoring bores, which allows us to perform quick and effective installations on different types of properties. Most work is completed in one or two days, while more complex projects may take a little longer.

Contact our team in Kelso Townsville for a quote and for more details regarding our monitoring bores installation service in North Queensland.
Fox Drilling Monitoring Bore Installations — Monitoring Bores in Kelso Townsville, QLD