Rural & Stock Bores

Rural & stock boring service in North Queensland


Fox Drilling & Construction is your North Queensland partner when it comes to the construction, maintenance and repair of rural and stock bores. Our company operates out of Kelso Townsville, but we service the entire North Queensland area.

Advantages of Water Boring

Boring or drilling to access a water supply provides long-term cost savings and convenience for farm owners. Not only is the water bore system set up to provide fresh and clean water for irrigation, livestock and farm animals, but it also costs a lot less over 5 or 10 years, compared to public water supplies.

With decades of experience in boring water on farms in North Queensland, our expert team will come out to your site, assess the land and offer guidance on possible boring locations. When we agree on a quote, our crew brings the necessary equipment to complete the boring or drilling process in a few days.
Convenient Payment Plans — Rural Bores in Kelso Townsville, QLD

Convenient Payment Plans

Fox Drilling & Construction is a family-owned, locally operated business with 20 years in the water drilling and boring industry. We understand the needs of our rural clients, which is why we offer flexible payment plans for boring water on your agricultural property. Your farm gets all the immediate benefits of the rural and stock bore, while you can stagger payments over time.